Product List




Available Products:


Shrink Sleeve Labels


                                  PVC HS

                                  PVC MS

                                  PET HS

                                  PET MS

                 Available Sizes

                                  35 mm LF  minimum

                                  152 mm LF Maximum



Heat Sealable Films


                                  Clear OPP

                                  White Opaque OPP

                                  Metalized OPP

                                  Opaque High Barrier Web (OHBW)


                 Lamination / Varnish

                 Customer Supplied Films


Available Sizes

                 Up to 12.5” web with 12” Print Width

                 Up to 17” print Repeat


Pressure Sensitive  Labels


                                  White Gloss Paper

                                                   Permanent Adhesive           

                                                   Removable Adhesive


                                  White Matte Paper

                                                   Permanent Adhesive

                                                   Removable Adhesive


                                  White Polypropylene

                                                   Permanent Adhesive

                                                   Removable Adhesive


                                  Clear Polypropylene

                                                   Permanent Adhesive

                                                   Removable Adhesive


                                  Metalized Polypropylene

                                                   Permanent Adhesive

                                                   Removable Adhesive          



Target Markets:

Chocolate: heat sealable flow wrap and  VFFS packages

Confections: Wrappers and Bags      

Coffee: heat sealable film for single pot bags, pressure sensitive labels

Wine: pressure sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels

Salty Snacks: heat sealable vffs film and pressure sensitive labels

Energy Shots: shrink sleeve labels

Beer: pressure sensitive labels and shrink sleeve labels

Dietary Supplements / Personal Care

Short Run Process Color







digitally printed heat sealable white opaque on 3" cores for flow wrappers

Digitally printed  heat sealable flow wrap for HFFS applications

Digitally Printed Heat Sealed Bar Wrapper MockupsDigitally Printed Pressure Sensitive Labels Available on Paper, Foil, and Polypropylene

Digitally printed pressure sensitive labels.

digitally printed shrink sleeeve labels on clear PET, hand applied to bottles, then coated with simulated matte varnish

Full coverage digitally printed shrink sleeve label with hand-applied spot varnish simulation